Mawi and Heliza Cook at Institute of Korean Traditional Cuisine

Mawi and Heliza at Korea

It’s a perfect setting to learn all about Korean food. The decision of Mawi, Heliza and Akademi Fantasia crews to come to the Institute of Traditional Korean Cuisine in Pyeongchang County of Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province) is really benefecial. It is making a name for itself in with its unique cookery classes and other recreational activities.

The Institute was founded in late 2005 and occupies over 16,000 square meters of space, including a culinary gallery museum, education and training center, fermentation room, organic farming complex and other tourist sites nearby. That alone making it is the paradise for anyone who looks for Korea foods. I never been there, but will be soon if I got extra money lah.

Mawi and Heliza at Korea 1

Mawi, the shy guy only wear very simple attire but looks helpful during cook lesson. Heliza, on the hand is very clumsy, which implies pure justification that she is rarely being in the kitchen heh. But it doesnt matter as she is looks so cute on that picture. Dont you agree?

Mawi and Heliza at Korea 2

Mawi said, “I cant eat this kind of food, uhhh where is my maggi dudeee?” Please be patient Mawi, we are on air at the moment….

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