Venice the Romantic Water City

VENICE have epithet Love Town besides Paris of course, surely we can have a romantic atmosphere there. Otherwise, Venice resident skillful to make handicraft, becoming one of the tourism attractiveness.

Choose month of April-May to visit Venice because that is a springtime where the weather not cool enough and suitable weather for tourist from tropical state and avoid to visit Venice in summer – on month of July – August– besides its weather extremely hot and high level of tourist’s density, smell of Venice river because of sunshine’s effect and air humidity. Most Indonesian people choose October to go there because that is a winter time where snow falls down at that moment.

Venice is easy to reach from another Italian town whether by car, bus or train. We can directly take water bus from Ferrovia Santa Lucia station, otherwise the bus stop and the biggest parking area which is located in Piazzale Roma across directly with water bus station. There is also an airport in Mestre, it’s about 10 kilometers outside the town, and also Venice Mestre’s station, which is the last dot of Venice majors cart route where connected this city with Treviso, Padova, Parma, Bari, Milan until Zagreb.

Venice split by especial river called Canal Grande. Its function is very important because it’s like a main road for Venice resident. The Great street of Venice length around 3.5 km and encircled by ancient buildings and palaces from 13th up to 18th centuries. It is dressed of mixture between Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

We can rent a gondola, Venice famous boat rolled by an oar, (or water bus for cheaper cost’s) to enjoy the beauty of Canal Grande. Gondola is the most chosen transportation by tourists to fringe the beauty of Water town which built since IX century. Why it called Water town? It’s because of Venice was built from 118 archipelago and it has 180 canals. This exotic town facing Adriatic Sea connected almost by 400 bridges!! What an extraordinary.

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