Kuala Lumpur Place of Interests

1. Petronas KLCC Twin Towers
With a height of 1,453 feet, one of the world’s tallest buildings now rises above the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. The twin towers are called the Petronas Towers and inevitably they have become the symbols for the astounding growth that has taken place in Malaysia over the last two decades. This gleaming architectural delight inspired by the Five Pillars of Islam is the centrepiece of the ultra-modern Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Situated within the towers is the Petronas Philharmonic Hall, home of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Petronas Performing Arts Group.

2. Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur)
Located on the Bukit Nanas hill in the vicinity of KL’s hotel district, the Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur) is the tallest concrete tower in the world; and the fourth tallest telecommunications tower after the CN Tower of Canada, the Ostankino Tower of Russia and the Shanghai Tower of China. Soaring 421 m above ground level, the top four floors of the Towerhead are reserved for transmission station for telecommunications , radio and television technology. Visitors can go up to the observatory deck for a bird’s-eye view of the city. There are also revolving restaurants and shops within the tower. The Kuala Lumpur Tower is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. International events that take place here include the annual Kuala Lumpur International Towerthon, X-treme sports performances and a B.A.S.E. Jump.

3. Sultan Abdul Sama Building
Built in 1848 by British architects, A C Norman and A B Hubback, this historical landmark houses several important government departments during the British administration. This Moorish- inspired building, topped by a shiny copper dome and a 40m high clock tower, ia a major landmark in the city. Originally the offices of the Colonial Secretariat, they later served as the first administrative centre of the Malayan government. Today, it houses the Supreme Court and the Textile Museum. The 40-metre high clock tower is a popular gathering-point for New Year and National Day countdown celebrations and parades.

4. Putrajaya
The City of Putrajaya is being called Malaysia’s first Intelligent Garden City and is the new government administrative hub of Malaysia. Located about 25km from Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya is a planned city with policies and guidelines for everything from land use to information technology. Putrajaya also takes care to preserve its eco-system with the Paya Indah Wetlands, which is worth a visit with its beautiful gardens and interesting wildlife.

5. Batu Caves
The Batu Caves are situated thirteen kilometers (seven miles) north of the capital city Kuala Lumpur. They are the sacred place for the Hindu’s in Malaysia. The Batu Caves is a temples where they held a very important festival called “Thaipusam”. It is built in 1892 and the caves are 400 meter long and 120 meter high.






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