Palau: Among the Best Beach in the World

My new travel friends and I were really having good time when we spend our time at Palau, Micronesia. We were scuba diving most of the time that we stayed in the island and I don’t have any idea of whatsoever because we were always together the whole time. Too tired but fun!

One afternoon, we went to the Rock Islands where we strolled and enjoyed the scenic and attractive mushroom-shaped islets. And I didn’t have a clue that at the end of the last islet awaits their hint to surprise me with a huge birthday cake and it was so romantic and special. There was and aisle filled with flowers and at the end was a pillar-like table where an Ecuadorian Rose was laid beautifully. I was so stunned and overwhelmed to what I saw and become speechless. It was very special and I thanks them generously. That was the best birthday ever and even my other friends envied me because I have the among the best group of friends in my life.

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