Israel the Illegal Country of Archeological and Historical Sites

Nobody like Israel. Nobody loves what they did to Palestine. But touring Israel for school or organization programs even just for family holiday is one of great idea. Israel is one the unique destinations in the world with its diverse attractions to travelers due to the desert, Dead Sea which has hyrpersalinated water and the lowest point on Earth, The Ein Advat which is a canyon located at in a National Park, Mitzpe Ramon which is a crater in the middle of Negev desert, Ein Gedi which is famous for its natural reserve and botanical gardens, the Sea of Galilee which was the home of the Christ where we can find freshwater lake and the Mount Hermon’s peak covered with snow. Israel’s biblical and historical beauty makes it a wonderful, amazing place to visit.

Israel has a numerous archeological and historic sites. The museums are spectacular, many travelers will be amazed with the artifacts and newly ones are being discovered every year. There are many tour service companies that offer Petra tours, where sightseeing becomes convenient for the travelers with hotel accommodations and organized schedules. Their services will guide the travelers in any part of Israel and even special packages that has Jerusalem travel. You can get around by means of transportation like taxi Israel, sherut or bus.

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