The Worst Season: Akademi Fantasia 2??!

Akademi Fantasia Season 2 is the worst season I think. Why? Because I didnt watch it. Too busy with study and plus I’m not interested on watching the show. There are only couple of name who I think make it to be popular, the rest of the students of Akademi Fantasia 2 just vanish through thin air. Not I know them on the first place.

But names like Zahid and Adam cant be ignored by me. Even not watching their shows and concerts, I can recognized these two guys and never thought that AF2 is actually can produce such great and talented guys. I heard that Adam was number 3 in the season finale. Who the heck number 2 then since I know Zahid was the champion. I dont care. Anyway, thats all for the short comment on Akademi Fantasia 2.

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