Akademi Fantasia 4 is Another Worst Season??!

This is another unknown season by me. Akademi Fantasi season aired during time that I was not in Malaysia, so I didnt follow much, well even I were at Malaysia, I didn’t watch much of television, so didn’t affect me. Well, the above Youtube video is the performance of the champion of Akademi Fantasia, Faizal the Terengganu dude. What happen to him now?

I saw him once in a while at TV but not as frequent as I saw Nabil, the winner of Raja Lawak 2. It’s weird eh. In my opinion, he’s quite talented, but why that kind of talented guy is wasted? At least, entertainment loser like me know and familiar with that name is quite an achievement for him. How about other participants? What happen to them? Haha so many questions to be answered. Let me see the names of participants: Lotter, Farhan, Hazwan, Velvet, Nordawati Daud, Karen Tan Lee Suan, Richael L. Gimbang, Nur Azilah Seeron, Nor Salima Habibi, Syamsul Hirdy Muhid, Amirul Azwan Mohd. Ghazali. Hmmm dang! Nobody I recognize other than the winner, Faizal hahaha. Too bad, and no offense okay. Now officially and personally I vote that this is the worst season, yeah you hear me, worst than season 2! Period. Later.

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