Mykonos Greece Among World’s Sexiest Island 2008!

Too much talking about Akademi Fantasia, now I’m switching completely to my favourite topic which is travel. Anyway, this blog is about travel right? Well, to start with, Mykonos is a party-hardy island that burned itself out in the 1990s amid a glut of U.K. package-tour revelers pounding cheap ouzo. But the heat returned with a spate of high-end openings that enticed the beautiful (and randy) crowd back. Welcoming to both gays and straights, the postcard-perfect Greek isle encourages bare-chested mash-ups with a schedule that begins with an eye-opener on the beach, segues into afternoon naps, sunset cocktails, late dinners, and dancing till the sun comes up. Depending on your whim, any particular night you can opt for Galleraki, a small bar favored by the Greeks; the excellent DJs at the intimate Astra; or the gay mecca Pierro’s. Or you might make for a massive dance hall such as Cavo Paradiso. Whatever your choice, a heady buzz, loud music, and beautiful gyrating bodies are a certainty.

Don’t miss to go Mykonos’s full Monty. Huh I never been here yet too but heard that you should not miss this place. Tops are optional on most beaches, but you’ll see the most skin and general frolicking on the southern coast’s infamous Paradise and Super Paradise beaches. Enjoy the glories and recoil at the horrors, but remember that taking pictures is bad form.

The island still gets its share of budget-minded lager louts, so hedge your bets by staying at the Belvedere in Mykonos Town. Whether or not you agree that all-white everything is still chic or just tired, you can’t fault the worldly crowd it attracts. Trust us, they know where the party will be that night. Do you like party?

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