Travel to New York Chinatown!

After touched down at New York airport, among the busiest cities in the United States, or hmm I think I could say even one of the busiest cities in the world. So our first destination: New York Chinatown – the largest Chinatown in the United States and the western hemisphere. We went there for a quick breakfast. Chaos. So many tourists belonging to different tour groups gathering at the hotel lobby. We managed to find our tour guide, Danny, from Travel Star (a local tour assigned by close friend in New York). To our shock, there was a Penang restaurant. If you do not know what is the heck actually Penang is, please google it 😀

Within sight of the Empire State Building, tucked into lower Manhattan, Chinatown is located in the area where many ethnic groups first settled when emigrating to America. Danny said that Chinese immigrants are business-minded; there is always a Chinatown built near the heart of a city in countries all over the world. That’s making sense since China has the largest people on earth. Is it? China or India? Who cares. Haha. I’ll update about other place in US too..

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