Akademi Fantasia Kahwin: Marriage of Rosma and Khai

The rumour was actually true. During Akademi Fantasia Season 1, this couple of Khai and Rosma had been gossiped together. Finally, their gossip or the relationship didn’t go to the vain as they were getting married. Love develops during AKADEMI FANTASIA time. Good love lasts, unlike MILA AND EBI from Akademi Fantasia 5. I know Mila, but who the heck is Ebi, never heard of that name. Haha.

Well, the reason I’m posting this because I accidently watch this couple of Khai and Rosma at Sehati Sedansa. They are the first Akademi Fantasia couple who getting married and also the first couple of Akademi Fantasi who join the Sehati Berdansa competition. Not too bad eh. They look cute together. Well, that’s personal opinion. Who else is getting married this year? Mawi and Ekin?

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