Sehati Berdansa: Khai and Rosma Performance

I don’t have any mood to post on travel postings. So I tried to post as many as articles or stuffs about akademi fantasia. Maybe around the process, I found some hint on doing travel postings. Anyway, as you all know, the married couple of Khai and Rosma is entering the newly ASTRO show, named Sehati Berdansa. Now this show is already being at season 2.

The objective of Sehati Berdansa is actually the artists will dance and got SMS vote from the audience, the more week they stay, the more money they will get. And the money actually not going to themselves, but go to the charity. Quite noble eh. Whatever. Anyway, enjoy the video of Rosma and Khai. They were dancing disco theme dance on above video. Couple will follow soon, eh not soon, but right now. At the bottom of this post 😀






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