Blending with Culture of Rome, Italy on Your Trip

Rome Italy 1

I know most of people have been travelling to Rome, Italy. It is kind of weird if you said you love travelling but you didn’t go to Rome yet. It’s just sound little awkward. Anyway, if you have been to Rome before, I suggest for your second trip that you become a part of the culture and lose yourself in the alleys of Rome. This is what most people miss during the trip to Rome, Italy.

Rome Italy 2

For this second trip or travel, we decided to blend ourselves with the Rome itself. Guess what we found or at least experience? We’ve discovered famous artists, digs, scluptures, paintings, and world famous choirs in small churches. Sit and sip and engage the people. We now have lifetime friends in Rome. In today’s world travel and tight space on airplanes, I started about 15 years ago to use saline spray before boarding an airplane followed by generour portions of neosporin swabbed in my nostrils. I also wipe down all surfaces with antiseptic towels. Since then, I have never “caught” anything on a plane trip. Recommended by my oncologist. Best cappuccino in Rome….Cafe Farnese on the Piazza Farnese. Great people watching, lots of locals.

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