Malam Sehati Berdansa: Rosma and Khai

Enough with travel talks. World is just not safe at the moment for us to travel anymore. We will wait couple of weeks. So many things unpredictable things happening, in example what recently happening in Mumbai India and Bangkok Thailand. Anyway, let’s back to the another niche of this blog which is Malaysian entertainment. After week 6 of Malam Sehati Berdansa Season 2, the Akademi Fantasia Season 1 couple, has made some good progress. They have justified themselves such talent artists made of the teach and guide from Akademi Fantasia.

Will they win the charity show? I found out that they have great fight from Sasha and Lisda teams. I didn’t watch the show much, but a once in a while, I will go the living room and watch them dance. It is weird. Maybe I’m the one who is weird, who knows? Anyway, below is the latest show of Rosma and Khai performing the show dance.

Enjoy the streaming video of their dance performance!

5 responses to “Malam Sehati Berdansa: Rosma and Khai”

  1. Огромное спасибо за потрясающие идеи!!! Буду следить за блогом, много всего интересного. А мой блог о науке, надеюсь, тоже понравится 😉

  2. Много чего интересного тут !
    Спасибо большое. Есть о чем задуматься . Картинок бы ещё.

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