Que Haidar and Linda Jasmin Wedding Place 2009

Que Haidar Linda Jasmin

Enough of travel and Akademi Fantasia, I’m switching to hot news at the moment which is the confession of Que Haidar and Linda Jasmin. Pick this news from the star online, actor Que Haidar is set to marry dance instructor Linda Jasmin Hashim, Mingguan Malaysia reported yesterday.

The couple announced their decision live on Astro Awani’s Gala TV programme. They would hold the akad nikah on Feb 14 next year in Ampang, Selangor. This is what we called as bravery. When any of you have relationship, don’t hide it, ending up with marriage. Another example is Mawi and Ekin. Don’t be stupid like such a popular actor who got caught red handed. Who is it eh?

“The reception will be held on March 15 in Felda Taib Andak, Kulai, Johor,” Que, 29, told programme host Syazwan Zakariah. Wait a second. This is another Mawi’s hometown guy? Thats quite shock. I just know it. As expected hehe.

Que, whose real name is Tengku Ishkan Shah Tengku Haidar, said Linda, 36, was surprised when he first began to court the Akademi Fantasia trainer because they started off as good friends. Linda’s relationship with the KL Menjerit 1 star had been known to the media for some time.

They kept mum on their plans for marriage, saying that they were waiting for the right time to announce their wedding. Anyway, this is not really off topic since Linda Jasmin has been quite sometime teaching in Akademi Fantasia right? I’ll plan to post about somebody else wedding announcement that I donno about but heard that she/he is one of Akademi Fantasia students. Coming soon..

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