Rita Rudaini and Aidil Zafuan Married Already?

Rita and Zafuan

What???!!! Rita Rudaini, a beautiful lady is already married to Zafuan? And this marriage has already being at least 10 months now, without people knew it. I’m not following any kind of local entertainments as well as celebrity’s private life, so I’m kinda shocked when knowing that Rita is actually 32 years old. Hmmm..I thought she were 20 something..Anyway, back to the official news, they (Rita Rudaini and Aidil Zafuan) have been married at Songkhla Thailand on the last February. This breaking news was being confirmed by Zafuan’s father at Negeri Sembilan. This is good news, no more gossips. Marriage is the best solution. You can do anything at will when you married. But don’t do like in their picture above. See the date. They did “that” when they were not marrying yet.

I can’t believe that actually I wrote this celebrity post. Maybe I just too sick today. Huhu. Will never happen again. I’m so lazy to write about travel or food. Maybe later. Mass travel and foods posts by me 😀

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