Happiness and Joy Faces of New Year Eve 2009 Around the World

Despite of the cruel event happening at Gaza, Palestine where people celebrate the New Year 2009 with blood, and despite of 60 deaths at Bangkok, Thailand, people are around the world were enjoying and showing their happy face. That’s good but just don’t forget that there are people are actually grieving about the death of their loved ones. Here is the compilation of those happy faces pictures. 

South Africa people happy face

At Johannesburg, South Africa, the Partygoers dance in the hot summer sun during a New Year’s Eve street parade and color their faces. Even though they face the hardships that unbearable of most people from modern countries, they are actually quite happy and enjoying their life to the fullest.

hong kong 2009

hong kong 2009 cute girls

Some Revellers hold balloons as they celebrate during the 2009 New Year countdown event and at the same time at the huge city of Hong Kong, China, the pretty and cute Revellers enjoy a mass party at Causeway Bay. All of the sudden, all daily problems gone, we are moving to the new year anyway!

spain nude man

Oddly, at Cadiz , Spain, a group of men enter into the water for a New Year’s Eve swim at La Victoria beach. Now we learn that there are actually people who crazy and weird enough to celebrate the happiness in their unique way.

India boys 2009

India girls 2009

At Joypur, India, the boys play cricket during the last sunset of 2008, of course looks like they already played quite some time. Meanwhile their girls at Ahmedabad, India, the students pose during New Year celebrations at a school. Wow they have more freedom than any other place in the world, i.e. coloring their own faces at class. “You three girls overthere, get out from my class!” This was when the photographer manage to capture their innocent yet happy faces of the new year 2009.

Denpasar Bali Dancer 2009

Meanwhile, at Denpasar, Bali, the mass people of Indonesia had been presented with a good show of a masked dancer performs during a New year’s Eve celebration parade. Eww hate that look of the dancer. Looks scary. Many of my friends told me that you would feel the goosebumps whenever the dancer on the stage. The dancers are not alone, they brought with them “hidden creatures”.

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