Anti-Israel Help-Gaza Pictures from Around the Globe


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  1. The Palestinians have fired over 3000 rockets last year alone into Israel. NO country would tolerate that, so why do you blame Israel for protecting their citizens?

  2. Wow what a bunch of crap, i mean sure israel is being hawkish but Gaza is attacking israel, and has no motives other than to destroy Israel so boo to gaza!

  3. only 3000 rockets??!! not actually rockets, its some kind of firework only, doesnt hurt at all. how about Israel bulldozed the buildings, cutting supplies to the city and so on, firing chain bombs?? Palestines are protecting their citizens too..

  4. If Israel was so concerned about Hamas’ homemade bullshit ass “rockets”, Israel would have complied with the ceasefire agreement. But Israel NEVER complied with the ceasefire agreement; not for one day, not for one hour, not for one minute.

  5. Not only has Gaza fired rockets into Israel, but Hamas uses the civilians living in Gaza as human shields. They literally hide their military equipment in mosques and children’s schools so that it forces the Israeli army to hit these points, making them look like the bad guy. On the other hand, Israel has no right to kill countless innocents like it is either.

    Which is what makes me so saddened by every single one of you posters. Either you support Gaza or you support Israel, you are supporting evil one way or another. Why not let go of your arbitrary, ideological political obsessions and demand what should really be had – human peace. Do any of you really expect to come to some sort of resolution by just using the same arguments amongst each other over and over again? Instead of fueling your hatred towards one evil army over another, why not collectively demand that BOTH Hamas AND Israel stop attacking each other. Why not demand the end to the deaths of ANY innocent civilians, not just Jews or Muslims.

    PS. These pictures are much more accurately described as “Muslims around the Globe” not “Around the Globe in general”, a group of people which have a silly inherent hatred of Jews because of stupid mythical religions. Not to suggest that the Jews are any better – I’ve heard of Jewish military rabbis telling the soldiers that this is some kind of holy war. This whole fight over imaginary friends just sickens me, and the fact that any human being could support either of these armies also sickens me. Quit clinging to your arbitrary beliefs, and try finding a common ground on which all humans can agree on so that we might live in peace and harmony – something that your religions seem to have failed to teach any of you.

  6. Oh, and as for Mr. Malaysian president – let’s take a close look at what this genius has to say;

    “Do the suicide bombers deliberately target children? Would they kill children if they could kill Israeli soldiers? What is their objective in killing children? Is it because they know it would win them the war?”

    Read that again. Would they kill children if they could kill Israeli soldiers? Is he actually suggesting that their inability to attack soldiers justifies murdering innocent people? Nevermind that, killing another human being whether it is a soldier or not is MURDER. Whatever context you may put it in it is always the exact same act – you are taking the life of another human being. Being told to do so under the command of someone else does not make it any less immoral. Notice how the Malaysian president, instead of promoting peace among all parties, is actually rationalizing the violence of terrorists, and then demonizing the other army as if they are doing something different.

    “To get close to Israeli soldiers would be a great feat. The soldiers would not allow Arabs to get near them knowing that they might be suicide bombers. Not being able to go back with the bomb unexploded the bombers must blow themselves up somewhere.”

    Oh ok, so doing it in front of children and innocent people is the reasonable alternative, right? Excuse my conscious, but what the f*** is wrong with this man?

    “Israelis do not allow foreign Press reporters to see them killing the people of Gaza and elsewhere.”

    Interesting theory, Mr. conspiracy. Too bad I have seen countless photos of the wreckage of Gaza. Guess that blows up your theory. Americans support Israel because they are overwhelmingly Christian, not because they don’t know what’s going on.

    “The reports of the suicide bombers targeting children came from the Israelis. Can we believe them? Do we get any pictures of children being killed like the pictures we see of children in Gaza being killed?”

    Yes, actually, we do. Funny that he mentions seeing pictures of Gaza children dieing, when he JUST said that foreign reporters are stopped by Israelis. As for the comparisons in number of people killed, killing a person is wrong, period. Just because they killed 100x more, does not make your one killing any much less horrible or immoral, or even reasonable for that matter. This rationalizing of murder makes me want to vomit.

    “Yes the suicide bombers are terrorists. But they have no other choice. They don’t have bomber and fighter planes, tanks, guns, rockets and chemical weapons to fight their enemies.”

    Again, so that makes killing innocent people a better alternative?

    “The Israelis are terrorists by choice.”

    The only reason he would say that is if he thought that Islamic terrorists are not terrorists by choice. Which is beyond stupid to say.

    “The whole world condemns Israeli attacks. It is strange that a Malaysian reporter should think it is all the fault of the people of Gaza and Hamas.”

    Really? The whole world? Strange how many people I’ve heard defending the Israeli attack who have no ties to Judaism or Israel at all.

    Point is, you should all support peace in general and be against the murdering of any human being under any circumstance, ever. If you try to rationalize it or make any exceptions at all – you are contradictory and hypocritical. Either murder is always okay or it is never okay. Once you take up sides, you become blind to reason, and the points that support your bias you will lovingly embrace and repeat for your opponents to hear, and the valid points made against you will be discarded and ignored – and you will never be able to combine all of the valid points to come to a common ground resolution. That is simply how the brain works. Free yourselves from these arbitrary political biases, and see humanity for what it really should be.

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