Magnificent Beach Houses in Dubai Photos

Magnificent Beach Houses in Dubai Photos | Dubai is one of the most lavish and fastest growing cities in the world. The reason being is because of their amazing architecture that you can find all over the city. Almost every week I am asked by a handful of people from different countries what they should see, where they should go to dine and when they should fly. To be honest, that depends on how much you want to spend. The amount you will pay for a plane ticket will greatly depend on where you are coming from. If you are traveling  from Australia or New Zealand and purchasing airline tickets from a website, the cost is going to be fairly cheap compared to someone coming from the United States. Also, if you choose to fly during the holidays, expect to pay more as well. As for what to see and do in Dubai,  last time I posted two articles about my top 5 secret places to see and also my top 5 places of interests in this beautiful country. Now, I want to show you the photos my friend took of the magnificent beach houses that can be found in the city of Palm Jumeirah which is just 30 minutes away from Dubai. Please note that every house has their own beach and swimming pool! I would recommend seeing this part of the United Arab Emirates if you have a few hours to spare while on your next vacation. Thanks to my friend Mariz for sending me these awesome pictures.






70 responses to “Magnificent Beach Houses in Dubai Photos”

  1. I’m thinking this would be yet another of the world’s abandoned wrecks in a few years time and would make a great movie set.

  2. Wait a sec, do they allow women to wear swimwear in Dubai? Do they allow women to go out of their rooms at all? Sorry, don’t know who these houses are intended for.

  3. car centric, soulless, and completely ignorant of any concept of ecological footprint. Any educated person with taste wouldn’t be caught dead living in one of these mcmansions.

  4. Wait till the sealevel rises…. ( global warming anyone ) and we`ll see how valuable those properties will be. Literally built on sand…..

  5. just like driving around in a stretch hummer screams “i’m an ignorant asshole”, living in one of these things screams “i’m an ignorant asshole with no taste.”

  6. Ah, the American dollar hard at work. Hope everyone likes the photos because this is what your gas dollars are buying.

  7. Amusing that nobody actually lives there.

    Most homes are purchased, oh yes, but no one actually visits.

    The neighborhood looks that deserted 24/7. Sad but true.

  8. LOL… An idiot with a kindergarten education could see this coming hundreds of kilometers away. Even WITH decent infrastructure (which they don’t have YET), the bacteria levels in the man made lagoons will be off the charts. This is the result of absolute greed. Welcome to your new, deluxe sewer… Now drink up.

  9. The place looks a little creepy. All those rich people living so close together? Will that be paradise or hell?

  10. Beautiful homes, pretty beach…

    But not a soul to be seen.

    Who wants a beach where women aren’t allowed be be out in a bikini?!?!?

  11. Who seriously thinks this is paradise? The palm is sinking into the sea and no one is buying any of this property, because Dubai has been exposed for the morally and financially banrupt idiocracy that it is.

  12. just another housing estate, hell is in the proximity of the neighbours. would rather have no beach, no pool, no neighbours, unless, I can pick them, all of them..

  13. Talk about living on top of each other.. you pay an arm and a leg for that? What a waste of money, ugly too. If I was to spend the type of money involved in buying one of these houses, I would rather build and design my own house some place else.. with some garden.

  14. If you can look out across the water and see some jerk on the shore a hundred metres away then it sort of misses the point rite?

    Still, I guess there are worse places to live in the world. like Ireland.

  15. I hear they have trouble with raw sewage now. The toilets run straight into the water there. Place smells like duty everywhere and there is toilet paper washed up on the beaches. Paradise? I would say not even close. Plus, there ain’t no waves over there to surf on. Can’t be paradise!

  16. Money, but to anyone with taste in the West, it looks like a residential version of the concrete jungle. No trees, no space (houses built right to boundaries of land), no privacy, no character. Just tasteless mass production of expensive homes like doll houses off a conveyor belt. They can have it.

  17. This is RIDICULOUS. One half-assed tsunami and these McMansions are soggy TOAST.

    Who wants to live so close to other people for ridiculous amounts of money.

    This thing is going to need a BAILOUT.

  18. @Carlos Says:
    February 17th, 2009 at 5:02 am
    It’s horrible. We have much better paradises here in Brazil. Houses much bigger and more beautiful.


    Not to mention HOTTER women who aren’t ashamed of their bodies.

    All these celebs like Tiger Woods are getting PAID to promote this horribleness.

    Where are all the environmentalists on this one?

    I can’t possibly imagine that this monstrosity has no impact on the environment at all.

    Come to think of it: Which one’s Air Gore’s house?

  19. I still can’t get over it.. “Magnificient Dubai beach houses”.. ROFLMAO!!!

    This makes South Florida look like it has CHARACTER.


  20. They could shoot “Weekend at Bernies” Part 3 there. Looks like Bernie would be the liveliest thing in the place.


  21. I’ve been living in Dubai for eight years and The Palm Jumeirah is just down the road. By the way, it’s actually not sinking at all. However, while many of these may be lovely homes, they’re totally spoilt by being so crammed in that you might hear your neighbour burp. Not my idea of fun, especially when there are seriously beautiful alternative suburban choices so close by.

  22. What a dream, I don’t know how they built this houses, I can’t believe, I wish I had house like this, it is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful houses.

  23. It’s a beautiful sight, but it may sink so i wouldn’t go there, and seriously a pool when you have the beach right in front of you!

  24. People in our country Uganda are very poor yet they have land which is better than the reclaimed sea.
    It makes me think that the rich in Dubai are not mindful of the fellow muslims who do not have even mosques to pray in; yet for them they are wasting so many billion dollars on un occupied settlements.

    Please visit, and invest Uganda and witness the diverse nature ranging from its people (above 56 tribes hence 56 languages), variety of animal species, low and extreme temperatures, rain fall through out the year etc.

  25. Whatever, I really appreciate their great creativity, and how they managed to create “paradise” from simply nothing. As for me, Dubai is really a unique travel destination and I wish to find myslef there one day! 🙂

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