Playing Scrabble in 7 Extreme Locations

I believe everybody has played scrabble at least once in his/her lifetime. Don’t you agree? It is a fact that scrabble is played all over the world by millions of people each day. After 60 years, people have taken to playing the 15-by-15 grid board game in many extreme places, just for the “fun” of it. Here are some of the more unusual locations that Scrabble have been played. Some of you might think they are crazy but for me they are very passionate Scrabble players. Enjoy!

Ski Diving at 13,000ft over Florida

Playing with the Alligators in Florida

Underwater with the Sharks in the Bahamas

Playing with the Lions in Lanseria, South Africa

Mountain Climbing High above the Sea in Cliff of Castell Helen in Anglesey, North Wales

In an Ice Cave in New Zealand

High in the Mountains in Mt Cook, New Zealand


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