Month: April 2009

  • Free Akademi Fantasia Handphone Screensaver

    Among those students of AF7, who is your favorite? Whoever it is, you can get any of their pictures (screen saver for cellphone) for free. Yes you heard me. It is free! The most important thing is the pictures are very unique and cannot be found anywhere else. This offer only valid on Saturday, 16 […]

  • Playing Scrabble in 7 Extreme Locations

    I believe everybody has played scrabble at least once in his/her lifetime. Don’t you agree? It is a fact that scrabble is played all over the world by millions of people each day. After 60 years, people have taken to playing the 15-by-15 grid board game in many extreme places, just for the “fun” of […]

  • Nabil Won Anugerah Bintang Paling Popular (ABPBH 08)

    The champion of Raja Lawak Season 2, Ahmal Nabil Ahmad or well known as Nabil has been crowned as Bintang Paling Popular 2008 which last year has been won by Mawi. With the award, he got a total price almost RM300, 000.00 (WoW!). The award night at Arena of Stars Genting Highland was also entertained […]

  • Arena of Stars Genting Highlands for ABPBH08

    “Arena of Stars”, in the Genting Highlands Theme Park area of Malaysia, is said to be not only the best Musical Amphitheater in Malaysia but also in the Asian region. It is located at the peak of the Genting Mountain about 50km Northeast of Kuala Lumput. It is just minutes away from the very popular […]

  • Cute Mila AF5 in Chicken Costume!

    Mila, the winner of AF5 has been spotted in one of ASTRO channels wore a cute chicken costume. Here are the photos. I like it! So cute. Thanks to OhBulan! Resource

  • 17 Top International Photograph Award Winners

    We all know that people love interesting pictures. Each year there are many different Image Awards handed out around the world in such different categories as people, animal, urban, architecture, nature as well as many more. Last week I was sent a wonderful PowerPoint presentation with some of these images from my friend Mariz. Here […]

  • WTF? Nanpu Bridge Interchange in Shanghai China

    This is very great photo of amazing road design architecture that can be found in China. The interchange is called Nanpu Bridge or locally called Shanghai Metro Line. This is really a great place to visit. Resource

  • Why You Should Visit Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Prince Edward Island (PEI) may only be 224km long and 6-64km wide, but it is still a must see place for many people from all over the world. It’s capital, Charlottetown, is known as the birthplace of Canada where leaders met back in 1864 to discuss the formation of Canada. The Island is alive with […]