Month: May 2009

  • Odaiba’s Gundam Legs!

    This is an update for the past post of Odaiba Gundam Statue. The construction of Full-Scale Gundam Statue has started in a very rapid pace to catch the due on the mid-July 2009. Piece by piece, an 18-meter tall, 35-ton full-scale Gundam statue is being assembled in Odaiba, Tokyo. Below are the Gundam legs photos […]

  • 40+ Chicago’s Bean Stunning Photos

    London-based Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor designed this sculptor for the opening of Chicago’s Millennium Park in 2004. Officially named Cloud Gate but always fondly referred to as simply The Bean, it has become a landmark for the Windy City and is one of its most photographed public arts. Weighting a whopping 110 tons, The Bean […]

  • Gambar Kahwin Adlin and Emelda

    Yesterday on 23 May 2009, Adlin Aman Ramli (38) and Emelda Rosmila (29) has legally being a husband and wife in a very moderate ceremony with attendees about 100 people at Ipoh, Perak. Adlin who is famous with his “hot” critique in Akademi Fantasia show, took him only one try to finish the “job”. Below […]

  • Laser Beam Eggshells Arts!

    Last time, we have seen the magnificent watermelon carving arts. Those have been cut by skilled knife users but now we will see arts done by a laser beam. I believe everybody knows what Laser Beam is, or at least familiarize with the term. Below are the pictures of eggshells which were cut with a […]

  • Madain Saleh: Monument of the Past [PICS]

    These photos are parts of 132 chambers and tombs left by Tsamudis and Nabateans during their magnificent architecture era which is between 200 B.C and 100 A.D. The location is about 200km from north of Medina City. In July 2008, UNESCO has proclaimed the site as World’s Heritage. Below are some of the amazing photos […]

  • Mother’s Day Story

    Somebody sent me this to my email and found out it is very touching story. This is a story of a guy named Muhammad Abdullah or Smith who reverted to become a muslim. He was originally from Chicago, and moved to Olympia about 17 years ago. Someone gave him a holy Qur’an, after which he […]

  • Having Fun with Money at Work [PICS]

    What do you do on a slow work day? Well these people decided to have some fun with their coworkers and their money. And it turns out playing with your money can be very interesting. Look at how pictures you see everyday, takes on new life when you replace the top or the bottom half […]

  • Gasing: Spinning the Top [w/ PICS]

    Ever play Gasing? Don’t know what it is? Gasing is actually a very popular, traditional game in Malaysia but is known in many other places in the world as top-spinning. The game was often played in the past by residents in the rural villages such as Kelantan and Melaka. It was not just considerate a […]

  • Iman Maleki: Photos or Paintings?

    No, these are not photos, but actual paintings by the great Iman Maleki! Maleki was born in Teheran, Iran in 1976 and was always fascinated with the magic of painting. He was only 15 when he started to study with the greatest realist painter in Iran, Morteza Katouzian. Since then he has had many successful […]

  • Athens’ New Acropolis Museum Photos

    The new Acropolis Museum has opened right next door to the ancient Acropolis in Athens, Greece. It is a wonder to see the magnificent contrast between the old and the new structures. The Museum was designed by architect Bernard Tschumi, who used both natural light and movement elements in his design. You will see the […]