Odaiba’s Gundam Legs!

This is an update for the past post of Odaiba Gundam Statue. The construction of Full-Scale Gundam Statue has started in a very rapid pace to catch the due on the mid-July 2009. Piece by piece, an 18-meter tall, 35-ton full-scale Gundam statue is being assembled in Odaiba, Tokyo. Below are the Gundam legs photos that have been taken during the construction.

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15 responses to “Odaiba’s Gundam Legs!”

  1. thats fucking insane !! lol….

    Japan’s secret weapon… lolol !!

    now if they can just get it to walk… wtf?

    IF they made other gundam statues all over japan means that its not just a statue, its something, that theyll use… to take over the world…

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