Month: September 2009

  • Spirit of Truly Malaysian

    I feel so tired today but I feel want to update my blog with something. When I’m thinking about it, I don’t have a chance to post anything about last Malaysian Independence Day. So I browse through photos inside my office desktop and found these two photos. They are the winners of Independence Day’s Car […]

  • Why You Should Visit Siem Reap Cambodia

    As far as Angkor Wat temple go, Siem Reap ranks right at the top of its historical and cultural significance as well as global recognition. Located 5.5 km north of the modern town of Siem Reap, Angkor Wat is the essence of the high classical style of Khmer architecture. It has become a symbol of […]

  • Krrunching My Way to Uniquely Singapore

    I was in Kota Bharu Kelantan (visiting and shopping) when a representative from Nuffnang contacted me about my blog Akademi Fantasia being the top 5 finalists for the best travel award nomination in the First Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards Ceremony 2009. I’m totally lying if I said I was not surprised and excited about this […]

  • Photo Monday – 15 Inspiring Ecosystem Wallpapers

    1. Library of Ages at Central California. The fog settled in after another nice sunset along the central California coast. The rock layers which record the geologic history of Montana De Oro State Park just south of Big Sur, can be read like books in an ancient library. A long exposure isolated the rock by […]

  • The History of Tourism in Europe

    The birth of modern tourism is rooted in the recent history of Europe. The emergence of middle and upper classes combined with holiday time incorporated into the workplace together fueled by the industrial revolution contributed greatly to the emergence of the industry. The terms tourist and tourism appeared less than a century ago and referred […]

  • Photo Monday – Malaysia Beautiful Sunset

    Being this month in many places, beautiful beaches and islands around Malaysia has really opened my eyes on the splendor of God’s creation. I managed to take shots on the sunset and share them here. One of the photos was even taken from the flight above the sky. Will the photos encourage you coming to […]

  • Gibraltar Open-Traffic Airport

    Gibraltar is a British overseas territory that located at the entrance of the Mediterranean Strait of Gibraltar. Not many of us have heard about the country before since the government is reported to the Queen Elizabeth of British. It is a very small country with population about 30000 only. But, the state is very popular […]

  • Japanese Asimo is Reaching Human

    Japanese robot called Asimo has reached a life of almost human. 20 years of research and hard work has produced the incredible result. He can walk, dance, serve, kick and even riding a doe! Below are the photos of the marvelous Asimo in action. For More Photos: One Piece Discoveries

  • Institute of Mental Health (IMH) Crazy Jokes

    One truck driver was doing his usual delivery to IMH (Institute of mental health). He discovered a flat tyre when he was about to go home. He jacked up the truck and took the flat tyre down. When he was about to fix the spare tyre, he accidentally dropped all the bolts into the drain. […]