Gibraltar Open-Traffic Airport

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory that located at the entrance of the Mediterranean Strait of Gibraltar. Not many of us have heard about the country before since the government is reported to the Queen Elizabeth of British. It is a very small country with population about 30000 only. But, the state is very popular with its weird airport. Check this out!

Weird Airplane
Weird Runaway
Weird Aeroplane
Weird Plane
Weird Airport
Gibraltor Airport
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  1. Gibraltar (a British overseas territory) is really an beautiful and amazing place to visit. But one thing that i haven’t heard about it is that it has airstrips in between the roads and i am sure that they are the only one to have that kind of strips that needs the traffic to stop, so that the plane could Taxi, Take-off or Land on the strip. Thanks for sharing it…

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