25 Devastative Photos of Indonesia Earthquake September 2009

Indonesia which has population of almost 200 millions had a huge earthquake last Wednesday. The disaster struck in many parts of the world as two major earthquakes shook Samoa and Indonesia while Typhoon Ketsana extended its destructive rampage through South-East Asia. At least 200 people were killed and thousands more trapped underneath rubble after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia’s Sumatra island Wednesday. My pray with them. Below are 25 devatative photos of the victims and destruction on the place of Padang, Indonesia.

Images Resource: Yahoo AP

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  2. I am very sad to see something like that! 🙁 In my opinion , it is more than a tragedy! Hope that it will never happen again! But on the other hand thank you for the post and the pictures! Reading something like that we have to learn to be more empathetic and helpful!

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