Past and Present Music Graphic Designs

Music changes as time passes by. Despite the wide variety of different music genres, adults would have probably noticed the changes in music styles from the past to the present. Some adults enjoy music from the past, which what they listened to when they were younger and are not very interested in modern songs. They enjoy old songs as they often have more meaningful lyrics to them and also bring back fond memories of the past.

The genres of songs from yesteryears are much more limited compared with those found today. Today’s songs are made up of various genres, some of which were unheard of in the past such as hip hop, rap and scream. Music has not only evolved but also grown in variety. Most of the older songs are much more meaningful compared with the current ones in term of lyrics. Newer ones are geared more towards modern sound and dance, and have faster beats. Music both old and new should be equally appreciated. It keeps the world alive. Like many people say, “No music, no life.” Now, please do enjoy the beauty of music past and present, surprisingly without any sound!

10 Music Designs from the Past…

1. Oldie Music Note

2. Music Body Scrap

3. Music is What Feelings Sound Like

4. How the Music Makes You Feel

5. Lost in Music

6. The Music in You

7. The Flower of the Music

8. Music of the Night

9. African Mangalo Music

10. Guitarist Music

10 Music Designs to the Future…

1. Music of the Night

2. Music is a Better Noise

3. Pop Music Art

4. Music is Life Get Busy Living

5. The Sound of Music

6. Music in All Seasons

7. Music is an Art

8. Urban Music

9. Music from the Inside

10. Creative City Music

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