Photo Monday – Introducing You Orang Utans!

These are the compilation of wonderful scenes of orang utans in Borneo. Once widespread throughout the forests of Asia, orang utans are now confined to just two islands, Sumatra and Borneo. There are two genetically distinct species: the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) and the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus). The two species show slightly different physical characteristics. Sumatran orangutans have lighter hair and a longer beard than their Bornean relatives, and Sumatran males have narrower cheekpads. Both species are highly endangered due to habitat loss and poaching.

The orangutan is one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, sharing 96.4% of our DNA. Indigenous peoples of Indonesia and Malaysia call this ape “Orang Hutan” which literally translates as “Person of the Forest”. The main threat to the Orangutan is habitat loss, as rainforest is cut down for timber logging or cleared for human settlement. Because of increased availability, the diet of Sumatran orang-utans has a higher percentage of pulpy fruit and figs compared to that of Bornean orang-utans. For this Monday special, I want introduce you our new friend, orang utan!

1. A Mother’s Love And Affection

2. A Tough Father

3. Sometimes It Can be Very Soft

4. Face To Face With A Gentle Giant

5. Sumatran Female Orangutan

6. Hey! Wussup!

7. Pervert! Stop Looking at Me! Awww…

8. “I’m the Princess of Orangutan!”

9. Ball Face!

10. Baby Orang-Utan

11. Shy Orang Utan

12. You Think I Can’t Listen to a Walkman?

13. Oughhhhh Sleepy…

14. 4-Months Old Baby Orang-Utan

15. Hihihi…Do You Like me Now?

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