Month: April 2010

  • The Beautiful Sceneries of Costa Rica

    If you are looking for an ideal vacationing site along the Atlantic coast, then Costa Rica might just be the place for you. There are a number of tourist attraction sites that will appeal to you. Costa Rica is on the northern side of the Caribbean. It is one of the places that are close […]

  • How to Save Money from Your Hotel Booking

    Be it going on an urgent, last minute business trip or planning an impromptu vacation with your family, it can be a real hassle to book a hotel that suits all your needs in terms of sufficient accommodation, location preference, amenities and the budget. Having insufficient information can lead to compromising on an accommodation that […]

  • Unusual Crooked House at Sopot Poland

    Have you ever heard of Crooked House at Sopot Poland? Different from Athens’ New Acropolis Museum, this awesomely unusual building was designed by architect Szotnyscy Zaleski and built in 2004. While many not know, Zaleski was inspired by the unbelievable work of Polish artist Jan Marcin Szancer, a fantasy and children’s literature illustrator when designing […]

  • Akademi Fantasia Travel: Thanks for the 1000000 Hits

    This morning when I woke up, I see a weird number on my blog. Wow! I didn’t realized that my blog just reached its first 1,000,000 hits already, that literally means that my unique visitors traffic just reached the number of a million after I activated its counter hits since October 2008. Thus, it took […]

  • Glorious Lightning versus Iceland Volcano

    The economic lost from the recent Iceland volcano eruption has reached at least USD1 billion where the biggest hit is landing straight onto the aviation companies. About 25000 flights have been grounded for five days in a row – can reach up to two weeks. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world, especially at […]

  • Last Minute But Cheap Holidays Selection

    Holidays are truly the magical time of the year when one leaves troubles and stress behind to create great memories with family and friends. Holidays no longer have to be restricted to places that are within small distances because of wonderful advances in technology and other amenities. Given the growth of tourism in several countries, […]

  • Magnificent Giant Crystal Cave at Naica

    At the first glance, the Giant Crystal Cave looks like Superman’s fortress at the North Pole. The amazing place, located at Naica Mexico, has crystals up to 12 meter long and weighing about 55 tons. Buried and hidden deep beneath the surface of the Earth, the Giant Crystal Cave is one of the greatest natural […]

  • Incredible Cheap Caribbean Holidays

    Are you planning to take a break from your hectic work schedule? Holidays are really important for us because it gives us a chance to be around with our family and friends who are also an important part of our lives. Most top executives make sure that they take a week or ten days off […]

  • Amazing Flies: Nutmeg Wildlife Photography

    The photographer is named Rachel and lives in a market town on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. While most his time spent as a teacher, he loves to head out to the wildlife with his camera. His main interest is photographing insects and have a real soft spot for ladybirds. You can find all […]

  • Failed Tourists at Pisa Tower

    I laughed when I saw this photo. I cannot imagine myself on that photo. To be truth, when I was in Pisa i was determined to resist the desire to get a shot like that too. And I failed. How about you?