The Beautiful Sceneries of Costa Rica

If you are looking for an ideal vacationing site along the Atlantic coast, then Costa Rica might just be the place for you. There are a number of tourist attraction sites that will appeal to you. Costa Rica is on the northern side of the Caribbean. It is one of the places that are close to the border.

Costa Rica is ideal for sport fishing vacations. The ideal fishing conditions ensure that most of the fishermen flock the area. There is plenty of fish all through the year. Costa Rica shares the north coast together with Limon and Rio San Juan. Limon lies at the center.

Most of the tourists come to this area to see the sandy beaches. The beaches are known to be the breeding area for green turtles. You can go for sport fishing at the National Refuge Barra del Colorado. From this site, you will be able to fish for various species of fish. You can also observe some of the wildlife in their natural habitat. The area is famous for its wide variety of turtles and avian creatures.

In 1985, Barra Colorado was open to the public. It is a habitat that was created so that the wildlife could continue living in their natural habitat. The wildlife refuge is on the tip of North Caribbean. The tourist attraction site has a lot of physical features. These features ensure that the place gives the habitants a feeling of being in their natural habitats. The area does not experience any dry season since it has annual rainfalls that are almost 6000mm.

Another must see location is the Tortuguero National park. It was established in mid 1970s. This national park offers the widest selection of wildlife in all of Costa Rica. The landscape in the national park is very fertile. Costa Rica stretches from Limon to Panama’s border.

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Limon is a well known tourist destination. It host a number of tourist attraction features all in one location. In Limon, you get to experience the culture of the natives. You also get to see some of the natural resources that the country boasts of. The beaches in Limon have a unique quality to them.

The beaches in Limon are superior to those on other parts of Costa Rica. You can participate in a number of fun filled activities. The culture that is dominant in the area is blended into every aspect of the people’s lives. You can get to observe some of the coastal features in their full splendor.

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