Month: May 2010

  • South Africa before World Cup 2010 (PICS)

    South Africa is currently the eyes of the world. Everybody is watching and waiting. Last 2009, South Africa was organized The Confederations Cup, which is regarded as a dress rehearsal for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, also will be hosted by South Africa – the first World Cup to be held in Africa. Expectations are […]

  • Benefits of using Last Second Deals Website

    Are you always on the move and looking for quick accommodation and travel tickets? Business travelers and people traveling for pleasure are always on the quest to find travel tickets to their destination. A lot of people these days are not very sure about their schedule and therefore they heavily depend on travel websites that […]

  • Icelandic Volcano – Financial Impact Infographic

    The Icelandic Ash cloud has caused devastation on air travel throughout the UK, and weeks after the eruption the chaos still remains. Last time, I have blog about Few Lessons From the Iceland Volcano. Now, let’s take a look at just how greatly we have already been effected by the Volcano, from another different dimension.

  • Muslim’s Pilgrimage: Mecca 1953 Photos

    Doing Hajj or pilgrimage to muslim’s holy land of Mecca is the greatest desire for all Muslims around the world, where the pilgrimage is the ultimate worship that will bring people closer to Allah, the Almighty. These collection of old photos by National Geography July 1953 illustrate how the state of Mecca during pilgrimage in […]

  • ShuttleDirect – Making Airport Transfer Easier

    Are you planning a trip sometime in the near future? Have you made all the pertinent arrangements? Have you booked the tickets? You will agree with me that booking of the tickets is one of the most important parts of traveling. Whether you are on a business trip or a vacation it is important that […]

  • Salon of Best Wigs for Style

    You are dressed in a black dress and high heels. You have worn apt accessories and classy make-up. You evening bag is perfect but somehow the look is not complete because of your gruff hair. This makes you look gawky and awkward. Well, now you can transform your hair by adorning one of the most […]

  • Wave Rock of Hyden – Surfing on the Land

    Can you believe people can actually surf not only on the beach, but also on the land? 14 meters high, and 110m long, the face of Wave Rock appears ready to crash onto pre-historic surf, now frozen in time. Believed to have formed over 2700 million years ago, Wave Rock is part of the northern […]

  • Official World Cup 2010 Song/Lyrics/Video Waka Waka by Shakira

    Wondering what the official theme song for World Cup 2010? While many are confused with the official World Cup song, you are lucky because coming at the right place. For your information, the song was co-written and performed by Shakira and is called Waka Waka (means This Time for Africa). I tell you now that […]

  • Kid’s Drawings Turned Into Photographs

    Photography is not solely known for its creative element, but also acclaimed for its trait of being an attractive and enjoyable field. Undoubtedly, when we talk about the photography world, there are lots of fun facts to be heard like photoshop and so on. While some stories are heard more often, some still remain unknown […]

  • Few Lessons From the Iceland Volcano 2010

    What should we learn from the historic grounding of thousands of flights? For the past months, the world has been shocked with unexpected consequences caused by Iceland volcano eruption. When the ashes at the sky were finally settles over Europe and the Great Volcano Shutdown of 2010 is rendered history, what have we learned? Following […]