Wooden Face-like House at Ski Mountain

This face-like house is among the best wooden architecture building in United States. Designed by Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates a long time ago, the ski house is built for a family with two children where the purpose is to accommodate them with a large number of guests. The face-like ski house located on the steep northern slope of the mountain above Vail in a beautiful stand of aspen trees and low evergreen bushes. The wooden building is a four-story house and inspire of tall, straight trees around it features amazing views of surroundings. Big thanks to Digsdigs for providing us the news of this beautiful face-like ski house.

The first story contains storage, laundry, and sauna facilities. The second contains bedrooms and small bunkrooms to accommodate guests. The third contains the kitchen and dining spaces with a separate room to be used as playroom-TV room for the children and as a guest room. The fourth floor is in the tree tops with big dormer windows containing window seats that can also be used as beds for additional guests. The flooring is wide pine planks; there is cedar siding inside and out and it is furnished mostly with a collection of oak furniture.

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