A Stunning Rainbow Beam (PIC)

A rainbow is an optical event that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere. You can find rainbow almost anywhere in the world, which frequently happening after the rain. The one that very unusual is the occurrence of a rainbow beam. What is a rainbow beam anyway? For me, no words can describe it. We are just too lucky to see such epic event from our own eyes. Enjoy the amazing photography taken by Paul Nicklen entitled “Highway Beam“. Could you see the car just barely passed its death sentence?

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13 responses to “A Stunning Rainbow Beam (PIC)”

  1. This picture is soooo fake! Rainbow never touch the ground. If you followed the arc of a rainbow, it would circle the earth. It is a cool “pic” without having to lie about it. There’s nothing wrong with photoshopping something. Just be honest and people will still appreciate.

  2. i like ur blog posts, especialy “A Stunning Rainbow Beam (PIC)”, but i agree with Naomi, i think This picture is so fake & hoax too. nice editing!

  3. Great article, I think you covered everything there. . . I would say freelancing is quite hard especially if you are not used to working on your own, can be quite hard to motivate yourself also.

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