A Fearless Man Defying Mother Nature

We’ve all splashed water over our face in a bid to wake up in the morning. But one Australian man has taken it to the extreme, as highlighted in Dailymail UK. Taken place at Australia Bondi’s Beach and standing perilously close to the edge of a rock face, the fearless individual stood head-on with Mother Nature as she threw giant whitewater waves over Ben Buckler headland North Bondi Beach in Sydney yesterday. Brave but foolish, he was soaked by the explosion of water.

The man had climbed over protective bars several feet further back from the edge in his pursuit of the ultimate wake-up call and was fortunate to survive as the area was engulfed by water. Right across New South Wales, coastline was battered by similar waves ramped up by 50mph winds. Sydney Harbour was turned into a no-go zone for ferries after the Australian Bureau of Meteorology issued warnings of impending gales for most of the coast.

Specialist marine forecasting and surf camera service Coastalwatch said a rare weather event and the closeness of the low pressure system was the reason for the ocean’s violence. “We had something called ‘captured fetch’ happen and it’s pretty rare here“, chief forecaster Ben McCartney said.

Waves are created when wind blows over the a certain area of the seas. This is called the fetch. A ‘captured fetch’ happens when a storm moves in the same direction of a fetch, so that the wind keeps pushing the same waves following them.

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  3. he may be brave to face the waves but he could have thought first if he was brave enough to face death. its sad to hear he did not survive.
    For the photo, who ever captured it, its amazing. Never seen giant water waves like that. thanks for sharing it.

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