Gippsland Lake – Australia’s Blue Mystery

Gippsland is a large rural region in Victoria, Australia. The place is well known with its mystery of blue glowing water that appears during the night. However, just recently, the mystery has been solved. Lake Gippsland (actually a network of lakes) teems with microorganisms that produce a ghostly blue glow thanks to their natural luminescence. This makes this body of water a beautiful and unique tourist attraction at night. See the pictures if you don’t believe me. It is truly mesmerizing!

A sunset at Gippsland Lake, just before the glowing blue mystery begins (Photo: Scott)

The glowing water at Gippsland Lake starts appearing

The glowing water become more prominent

Something is up at the sky

The glowing water is moving!

The glowing water is bubbling big and bigger…

A mystery figure appears…Could it be an alien from outer space?

No…He is actually a human!

Source: Curiosity