Jindo Sea Parting Miracle in Korea

Jindo Island, in South Korea, is host to one of the world’s most amazing natural phenomenons, called the Moses Miracle. Two times a year, during a low tide, a land path 2.8 kilometers long and 40 meters wide is revealed, uniting the islands of Jindo and Modo for a period of one hour. A festival is dedicated to this natural wonder and people from all around the world attend every year. However the Moses Miracle was largely unknown until 1975, when a French ambassador visited South Korea and wrote about in a French Newspaper.

The legend behind this Korean phenomenon goes like this: a Jindo village was attacked by tigers and all the villagers ran to Modo island for shelter. All, except for a helpless old woman who was left behind, out of despair she prayed to the Sea God, who split the sea and helped her escape the bloodthirsty animals. The Moses Miracle just took place on May 18th.

Features of Moses Miracle of Jindo in South Korea:

The festival named Jindo Sea Parting Festival usually takes place three times a year in March, May and July. However with the growing tide of enthusiast tourists the festival is decided to be held in the month of April also.

For capturing a grand view of the sea dividing in two halves and making a pathway, one can enjoy it either by climbing a hill or you can also take a stroll through the revealed seaway. The Moses Miracle of Jindo is something which should really be experienced in person.

The Festival events related to the Moses Miracle of Jindo are thoroughly relished by millions of visitors. The Jindo folksongs and the special Korean dance named Ganggangsullae are performed and enjoyed by professionals and visiting tourists alike.

Other attractions of the Moses Miracle of Jindo comprises of a firework display, laser beam show, an outstanding performance by the Korean Shamanists, and a traditional musical extravaganza along with a drum performance.

If pictures are not enough, please see the videos below, taken from the tourists:

Youtube Video 1 – Mysterious Sea Parting

Youtube Video 2 – Jindo Miracle

Source: Doom cool pics

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  1. This is really a great festival type party..I was not aware of it and I am glad I visit your post and come to know about such a great thing..I will definitely join it this time and enjoy the fun over there..Just wondering to know about the availability of hotels over there? I am sure due to so many tourist its not possible to grab the opportunity of hotel at that time..

  2. This is not a miracle or a bizarre occurrence.
    This is a fact which is clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran in the Chapter (Surah) Al Rahman (55) in verses 19 – 21. The same are mentioned below and a link to the Surah is also given below..

    19. He has let free the two bodies of flowing water, meeting together:
    20. Between them is a Barrier which they do not transgress:
    21. Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?


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