A Journey with The Singapore Girl (Teasers)

Singapore airlines had begun their promotional campaign to attract tourists to their fold. The campaign, which is called “A journey with the Singapore girl” is making headlines across the globe. The airlines are trying to woo tourists from big cities and towns. Singapore airlines had made numerous video clippings, and these video clippings are made in context with a particular city. In a series of latest video clippings, the airlines have made video clippings to depict how a Singaporean girl can enhances your life in the country. They are not just suave, but also have a lot of personality.

The video was shot in the beautiful city of San Francisco in US. The video has been created by Singapore airlines. It is an effort of the airlines who are trying to promote their airlines to the world. In the face of stiff competition, Singapore airlines have tried to show the clippings where a Singaporean girl travels across San Francisco in US. She is a beautiful young lady, who travels through the market place, mingles with people, and also travels in various transportation means.

The campaign also wants to convey the beauty of the city of Singapore, and its people.

The video was shot in the picturesque Wu Zhen in china. The beautiful place tells its story of a romantic neighbourhood, a flowing stream river, and the boats plying through the river. And the most beautiful part is when the Singaporean girl makes her way through the marketplace of Wu Zhen, China. The campaign which is called ‘a journey with the Singapore girl’ is a part of Singapore airlines effort to promote its airline.

The clippings show the graceful Singaporean woman makes her way, as she walks with a rare grace. The music in the video and the walk of a Singaporean lady makes the video enchanting.

The video was shot in the beautiful city of Paris in France. The moment you watch the video, you will know there’s something special. The beautiful city of Paris is busting with activity, and in the midst there is more than one Singapore woman who is making their way through the busy marketplace of Paris. The women in the video are taking steps to mingle with the people, talk with them; they even stop by at a Paris bookstall.

The video is a part of a campaign called ‘a journey with the Singapore woman’ exclusively made by the Singapore airlines.

This video is beautiful to the hilt. You will love the way the video is made. Though, its being shot as a campaign production for Singapore airlines, but the video has more to it.

The video has been shot in the beautiful state of Rajasthan, in India. The woman walking in the beautiful rural market place is worth a peep. The beautiful Singaporean woman makes the video very enchanting and interesting. The campaign ‘a journey with the Singapore woman’ is created by Singapore airlines, and shot to promote the airlines. The music in the video makes it more beautiful.

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