Dream Trip with Blogger to Malaysia (Contest)

I believe lots of you have read my recent post regarding Why Malaysia is Truly Asia. As for update, the post has made AkademiFantasiaTravel become one of six luckiest blogs to have a chance on having a dream trip to Pangkor Laut, Malaysia. Now I need your help to make it happening. For that, if you lucky enough and get lots of votes, your couple and you will join me together for 3 days and 2 nights to the Pangkor Laut Resort, a mesmerizing man-made island at the west-coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Sounds interesting? Let me show you how you can do that. It’s pretty simple and doable.By the way, I’m Mohd Huzaifah, Blogger No.6, a representative from Malaysia.

The Finalists of Dream Trip with Blogger

STEP 1: “Like” Facebook page of Malaysia Tourism and Akademi Fantasia Travel.

Then, after allowing the Malaysian Tourism apps to access your Facebook profile, please pick and vote Blogger no.6 as shown in photo below. Yes, you got it right. The super handsome guy. Hehe…

Simple steps to win the contest

Vote blogger no.6

STEP 2: Complete your photo contest by clicking “Create photo with Blogger”.

If you are wondering why myself has been nominated as a finalist blogger for this, click read more on that article. Once you confident that you have voted the right blogger who is me (hehehe), you have to upload your own interesting face and followed with great caption. Don’t forget to pick the best background for your photo!

A snippet of the article I wrote to become a finalist. Read more for full article and photos

I need two more people to accompany me to the Pangkor Laut Resort!

Once finish, you can invite your best friend/family/couple to join the contest. Note that you can only invite up to five persons from you Facebook friend lists. See who is responding your invitation.

Pick your people of choice

First come first serve 🙂

STEP 3: Share your photo and get your friends from Facebook to vote for you photo.

The more votes you get, the more chance you will join me at Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia. It’s simple! Only took less than 5 minutes to enter. Lastly THANK YOU PEOPLE!

Promote your photo to your friends and family

STEP 4: Not enough? Read the article I wrote on Why Malaysia is Truly Asia

Which are the places you had visited in Asia? Now, don’t say that you had visited each and every country in Asia. Asia is a large continent, and in fact, it is the largest continent in the whole Universe. You may not find it easy to visit each and every nation of Asia, but still, you have your options to visit the more popular places in Asia. What you need to do is to a little research and Internet browsing.

If you ask someone who had visited many places in Asia, to name a country, which falls in the top of the list, then it has to be Malaysia. The country provides you many reasons to visit Malaysia. You would be mesmerized by the beauty of Malaysia.

Majority of Malaysian are Muslim (Photo: Souvik)

Don’t forget that Malaysia is a food haven; you would find signature dish of many Asian countries in food restaurants. There are all kinds of food right from the best of Korean cuisine, to even Japanese cuisine. There are sushi joints all over; you would come across specialty dishes from India, and many other specialty cuisines from various countries. Entrepreneurs have opened food restaurant to woo the locals and the tourists alike.

But why would you like to think Malaysia is truly Asia? Is it just the Asian food, which is found in the country, or there is something more to it.

Weather in Malaysia

No extreme weather, Malaysia is just nice (Photo: Cteteris)

Asian weather is more or less the same in most parts of the south East Asia, and also in many other parts of Asia. You would notice that the normal temperature of Malaysia hover round 20-32 degrees Celsius during the day, which is what you would come across in many Asian countries. Though, at times Malaysia is hot, yet, the rains in the country reduce heat to a large extent.

Multicultural Society

Malaysian consists of many different of ethnics who live harmonically together (Photo: Rosemariejohn)

However, one reason why Malaysia is hailed as the true Asian country is the presence of various Asian cultures in the country. Different ethnic group stayed together in harmony for many years. It’s a joy to see the ethnic society mingle with each other and share their culture, and it is probably one reason, why Tourism in Malaysia has shot up. People who come to visit the country find the different Asian groups and also many ethnic groups live in complete coordination and harmony.

The three many cultural groups in Malaysia, namely the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians bring about a rare fusion of various cultures and bring to the fore of what Asia is. Asians have always stood for multi cultures and tribes in a society and the presence of various groups and cultures make the society and the culture more interesting.

Multicultural society had also added a rare dimension to the cultural beauty of the country. Each of the ethnic group present tin Malaysia has their own festivals. If you go to Malaysia, you would come across many kinds of festivals being celebrated in every society. Malaysians enjoy their festivals, and they make the visitors understand the significance of their festivals, which tourists love to celebrate.

Tourist Destinations in Malaysia

The tallest twin building in the world up until now (Photo: Ragstatic)

Malaysia is throbbing city, with its night life and international flavour. If you happen to go to Kuala Lumpur, you would be fascinated by the top of the line modern infrastructure of the city.

Kuala Lumpur with a populations of more than 1 million people is quite an attractive place to be in. one of the remarkable feature of the city is the PETRONAS tower. PETRONAS tower is the twin tower, with striking architectural finish. It is also considered the pride of Kuala Lumpur skyline.

Kuala Lumpur also has a throbbing Chinatown in the middle of the city. For a shopper, there’s nothing like to visit the beautiful night market, and shop to your limit.

Finally, the Indian establishment also add to the essence of Kuala Lumpur beauty.

Malacca is the most popular history town not only in Malaysia but also in Asia (Photo: Christopher Chan)

Malacca is the historical city of Malaysia. If you intend to visit historical ruins of Malaysia, and love to buy antique stuff from the Malaysian past, you should visit Malacca, the city in the south of Malaysia.

Malacca has a rich heritage from the multicultural past. You would come across relics and shredded cultures from the Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and British. There are lots of shops located in the city, which sell antique stuff. That’s the beauty of Malacca.

You would also come across the oldest Dutch building found in Asia, which is presently an ethnographic museum. For those with religious mindset, you could go to Cheng hoon Teng temple, which is an exemplary depiction of fascinating religious architecture.

If you love beaches you should head to Georgetown, as the place has a smell of British past. You would find lots of resort scattered along the town. You would never miss the Chinese heritage associated with Georgetown. The place has lot of frill and activities, such as Mah-jong games, which is the epitome of finest entertainment spree you would never forget.

Cameron Highlands is popular with its beautiful tea plantation (Photo: Mixalis)

There is no end to what you would get in Malaysia. The hilly region of Cameron Highlands is worth mentioning. The sprawling hill station you get at Cameron Highlands would make you fall for Malaysia. Not only because of its unique and varsity of tea plantations, but also due to its true spectacular panoramic views, which would make you nostalgic, even years after your visit to the highlands.

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  1. The sprawling hill station you get at Cameron Highlands would make you fall for Malaysia. It is a very beautiful place. Everybody can atract after see its Beauty because of its unique and varsity of tea plantations.

  2. Count me in! I would love to travel and holiday in a wonderful country like Malaysia. I have 2 friends who live there and they absolutely love the lifestyle and people.

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