Best Places to Visit in Lanzarote

If you are a frequent visitor to Canary Islands, then Lanzarote is perhaps very strange compared to all the other canaries’ island you will ever come across. Lanzarote is not very populated, and if you are arriving for the first time for holidays in Lanzarote, then it will give an empty look, completely barren at times. You are advised to look at the right places to enjoy your holidays in Lanzarote.

There are many significant tourist destinations in Lanzarote that can hardly be found at nearby countries.  Here are few of them.

Cuevo de los Verdes is not only one of the most interesting volcanic formations on the island, but is also one of the longest volcanic galleries in the world (6 km long) (Photo Source: Amazing Tourism)

Cuevo de los Verdes is probably, one of the best places in Lanzarote. If you have arrived in Canary Island by flights to Lanzarote, then Cuevo de los Verdes is simply not to be missed. There was a time when this destination was frequented by pirates. Pirates used this place to hide, however, the efforts of the government to convert this beautiful place into a tourist destination paid off. Cuevo de los Verdes was formed as a result of a volcano some 5,000 years ago, and now this place is a thriving tourist destination with lot of entertainment around the area itself.

Jameos del Agua is the number one tourist centre on the island. It was built by Jesus Soto and Luis Morales in 1968 from an idea by Cesar Manrique, and completed in 1987 with the construction of the auditorium. (Photo Source: Astrohan)

Jameos del Aqua is another very popular destination and if you have decided to spend your holidays in Lanzarote then you should visit this place. It is a beautiful scenic area, with a beautiful lake, and even a swimming pool. Don’t forget to take your cameral along with you to shoot photographs in the area. There are many bars and restaurant around the site and you will certainly have a good time amidst natural beauty, sipping your favourite beer, sitting beside the lake.

Lanzarote’s famous Cactus Garden (Jardín de Cactus), based toward the north of the island in Guatiza, is one of the islands hottest attractions all year round. (Photo Source: Estaban)

The cactus garden is probably the right place for any biologist. Study different types of cactus, which throngs the area. Your holidays in Lanzarote will certainly turn out to be beautiful. The garden has tourist from all parts of the world. People come to the garden, which is located at Gustiza to learn about the cactus plants and also enjoy the beauty of the place as a whole.

Independent tourists can now enjoy sunset dining at the El Diablo restaurant, located in the heart of the Timanfaya National Park. (Photo Source: Clio)

A visit to Lanzarote is never complete without a trip to the El Diablo Restaurant. The restaurant is stationed right over the volcano, though, the volcano is lying dormant for a long time, yet, it’s a great fun to be a part of history of what Lanzarote is all about.

Holidays in Lanzarote is about visiting interesting locations around Lanzarote, and appreciating the raw beauty it has. I really hope you can come and enjoy the beauty of Lanzarote

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  1. The article covers most of the areas on this lovely Island. Many people see Lanzarote as an Island with not much more than sunshine to offer. However it has many things to see and do along with some great beaches in the south. Arieta is also a place that I love to visit when on the Island, great local restaurants and chilled out atmosphere.

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