Nevşehir, Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

Turkey is one of the world’s most beautiful countries to which are belonging amazing and extraordinary beautiful places and beside this unique natural features which can be found there, Turkey is also full of different historical monuments since its territory was the place of many important events in past.

Cappadocia is just one of plenty of examples of Turkish cultural and historical monuments but it is also very attractive location because of the beauty of its natural features. If you like the highland-kind of natural beauty then you wouldn’t be sorry if you visit Cappadocia. Actually, the historical significance of this place is tightly related to the rocky landscapes which are common here.

Cappadocia’s beautiful rocky landscapes – Image credits: Wikimedia

The known history of Cappadocia begins about 10,000 years ago, when the first known humans nature painting was made here which portrays the eruption of the Hasan Dagi volcano.

The Kingdom of Cappadocia once was a separate state which emerged after the end of the Persian Empire. The place was ruled by the commander which was named by Alexander the Great who managed to take the rule over this area. Later, after the death of Alexander the Great, the Cappadocia Kingdom started to divide into parts. Few centuries later it will fall under the rule of some Turkic tribes and later under the rule of Otoman Empire. Today it is a part of modern state of Turkey.

Image credits: Wikimedia

One of the most attractive locations in Cappadocia is Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia, the unique formation of the rocks and it is often mentioned as the most important touristic destination here.

What makes this place so unique are those houses which are carved in to the rock and if you have some luck you can spend a night in one of the hostels made this way.

Cappadocia in winter – image credits:

Amazing rock-cut temple in Cappadocia – credits: Wikimedia

Another important location in Cappadocia is the city of NevÅŸehir. If you are traveling there don’t miss the chance to visit the amazing underground shelters which can be found around NevÅŸehir and Goreme, which were used by ancient settlers to hide and escape from Roman authorities.

Unique houses made of and in the rocks – credits: Wikimedia

A settlement in Cappadocia – credits: Wikimedia

Even police office is carved in stone rock! – credits:

Some will say that this unusual rock formation is actually a sculpture of camel! – credits:

Those unusual rocks needed millions of years to get that unique mushroom-like look… -credits:

People who built such houses had to be very strong and well equipped – credits:

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