Rice-Terraces of Youanyang County in Yunnan, China

The modern way of life caused that many of those people who are living in urban areas forget how it is good and how it is nice to live in and with nature. The modern way of life has made a “living machines” from the most of us who live in big cities and if you analyze your way of life you will see that you actually live some kind of “artificial” life, moving in pretty same areas, streets, the concerte and steel is everywhere, pollution and noise are unavoidable, and not having so much time for anything.

Humans have indeed changed the way of their living in last hundred years and we might say that we went from living with nature to living against the nature.

But, for those who refuse to live such kind of life, there are a lot of space all over the world. However, living with nature requests from you to be ready to work hard jobs and this might be the reason why everyone wants to live in city.

People of Yuanyang County in Yunnan Province in China are one of those who still live with nature and enjoy the beauty of such kind of living. Of course, their lives aren’t always easy but they have something what the most of people from urban areas cannot afford: pure air, silence and smell of freedom.

Beautiful rice-terraces of Youanyang County (Credits: Wikimedia)

The beauty of Yuanyang County has been recently discovered by people from west and it starts to become a pretty popular touristic location.

The main feature of this place are its remarkable rice fields, built on the mountains and this was done by the previous generations at least for thousand years in past.

(Credits:  How-china.com)

Those rice fields in Yuanyang are also called rice-terraces because the way they were built and organized. They are unfailing source of inspiration for large number of photographers. Beautiful mix of colors will astonish anyone who see this rice fields from a distance. The most of those rice fields are placed about 1000 or 2000 meters above the sea level and this allows local people to crop rice only once a year.

(Credits: Flickr)

The main reason that this place has not yet became very popular touristic destination is that the roads were pretty bad, there is no any airport in nearby and, in general, it is pretty unreachable but it seems that this is actually the reason why this place has been kept in its thousand-year form and its resident kept its culture, tradition and old way of life.

Rice fields in their full blossom (Credits: visitourchina.com)

(Credits: Pixadus)

Local residents photographed while cropping the rice (Credits:  Impressivechina.com)

Hani farmer on his way home (Credits: Wikimedia)

(Credits: yunnanadventure.com)

(Credits: yunnanadventure.com)

(Credits: en.showchina.org)

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