Top 5 Beaches in Europe

Top 5 Beaches in Europe | Are you planning to take a break from your work this summer? Most people across the globe prefer to escape to some exotic beach destinations where they can spend some quality time with their friends and family. There are many beach destinations in Europe, but only a few beach destinations are able to gather more crowd because of their exotic landscape and climate. Here we will take a quick look at five best destinations for holidays to the beach.

1. Navagio Beach – Greece – Many people want to escape the crowd when they think about beach destinations and therefore Navagio Beach is really popular because it is a small beach which can only be reached by boat from Port Vromi. This beach is also known as Shipwreck Bay and is rated as one of the best beach in Europe.

Pristine white sand at Navagio Beach

2. Playa Papagayo – Spain – There is no doubt that when we think about Europe, we think about top tourism countries like France and Spain. The Playa Papagayo is a virgin beach that attracts a lot of people from across the globe. The beach can only be reached through a dirt road and therefore not many people prefer to come here but it still gets the most number of votes during destination and tourism surveys which is why it is second on the list.

The site is tranquil, the ambience romantic at Playa Papagayo

3. Zlatni Rat – Croatia – If you are looking for some exquisite beach destinations then don’t miss this one because there are very rare beaches like Zlatni Rat that can change shapes right in front of your eyes. This golden pebble beach also known as Golden Horn has the ability to change shape and position depending on wind directions. This is truly unique in its own way and many tourists flock from different parts of the world only to see it change shapes.

Zlatni Rat is the most spectacular beach on Adriatic Sea, which is located on Island Brac nearby a place called Bol

4. Spiaggia Sabbie Nere – Italy – Are you tired of watching those pristine white beaches in Bahamas and Hawaii? Well, you can take a break and come down to Italy where you will find this volcanic beach which is also known as Black Sands Beach. The beach is made up of volcanic pebble sand and therefore it looks unique from other white sand beaches.

A unique panorama at Black Sands Beach in Italy

5. Patara – Turkey – Do you want to go to virgin beaches where there is no human intervention? If you want to be one with nature then head to Patara Beach at Turquoise Coast in Turkey. The beach does not have any buildings around or any human civilization and it is one of the few beaches in the world where Loggerhead turtles come to lay their eggs.

Patara is a birthplace of St Nicholas (Santa Claus), with a long beach on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast

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