Mount Roraima, the World’s Highest Flat-Topped Mountain

Mount Roraima ( Monte Roraima) is the world’s highest flat-topped mountain with its height of 2810 meters. It is located in Gran Sabana, at the border between Venezuela, Brasil and Guiana. Its unusual shape and its glorious height have became an attraction for many of hiking-tourists which are coming here to experience unique feel of hiking the Mount Roraima.

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This kind of mountains are called tepuis and they are different from other because they are totally flat on their tops. If you look Mount Roraima from a distance, for a moment you might think that you are watching a huge building made by humans, because of its almost perfectly flattened top.

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If you are interested to visit Mount Roraima, there are organized hikes from the Pemon village of Paraitepui. The town of Santa Elena is often used as the starting point of Roraima hikes since it has airport and you can go directly there by airplane.

Beautiful sight of Mount Roraima and other neighboring flat-topped mountains – Credits:

Treks to Mount Roraima usually last for about two days to reach the top of the mountain and two days to get back. Usually, hikers spend at least two days on the top of the mountain to explore and enjoy its unique environment. This area is also rich with plenty of exotic flora and fauna. You may find some endemic kinds of plants and also you could get a chance to see the jewel-like hummingbirds and the black frog. The highest point of Mount Roraima is the Mawerick Rock.

View from the top of the Mount Roraima – Credits:

There is also a number of other tepuis-mountains which can be find in Gran Sabana but Mount Roraima is the highest and the most popular location. There is a whole chain of such mountains called Pakaraima chain.


Indigenous people who can be find in the nearby of the Mont Roraima, like the Pemon Indians of Gran Sabana, see this mountain as very significant place and there are various legends related to it.

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Tourist photographed while hiking the Mount Roraima – Credits:


The black frog (Oreophrynella quelchii), the symbol of the fauna on Mount Roraima – Credits: Flickr

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