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By Yuli Linssen Kaminitz, guest blogger from

In the last couple of years, a new trend in the retail shopping field have entered our lives and since then it refuses to go away. As you could probably already figured out from the header, we are talking about concept stores. So what is a concept store actually? How different it is from the usual stores we all know and love?

Well, the idea behind a concept store is the different kinds of exceptional and exclusive brands that are all being offered to  the clients, under one roof. Concept stores are considered to be very modern and extremely exclusive; when entering a concept store you will immediately get a bit of futuristic feel, thanks to the distinctive interior design and the cool items that are available to purchase. Street wear, luxury, design, art and fashion, are all examples for what kinds of concept stores you can find. For those of you who wonder, a concept store is not the same as a department store; it is smaller, offer very distinctive brands and the shopping experience is much more personal and intimate.

So after we got that right, let’s move on to the really important subject, where can you actually find these shops? Concept stores are available in many European capitals. Just stroll around the streets or ask at your hotel where can you find one and they will surely be happy to help. Because we want to give you a hand with your concept store’s explore as well, we gathered here for you the coolest concept stores in the beautiful city of Amsterdam

1. The Darling

Address: Runstraat 4, 1016 GK Amsterdam
Official website

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There is really no better way to start with this list rather than with this super sweet shop. Located in the trendiest areas in Amsterdam ,(the famous Jordaan area or as it called in English: the “9 streets”) this small but promising shop is a secret treasure for every fashionista out there. The theme of the shop, believe it or not, is cupcakes. Nadine, the owner of the store started this place with the idea to create a small boutique that will not only offer one of its kind items, but that will also give her clients a warm feel when they come to the shop. The darling’s shopping window gives passing by people a glimpse of what they will be able to find inside: beautiful clothes with a vintage touch, fashion forward accessories and homemade cupcakes for only a small fee! Due to the huge success of the cupcakes, Nadine opened a small café, (with only two tables, on the second floor) where her clients will be able to enjoy a sweet cupcake and a warm cup of coffee after a long shopping spree.

2. Nukuhiva

Address: Haarlemmerstraat 36 , 1013 ES Amsterdam
Official website

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Named after one of the most stunning islands of the Polynesian Archipelago, this nature-friendly store is not only offering trendy fashion and unique souvenirs, it also sends out a very important message: be good to the world.  All the items that are sold at the Nukuhiva are Fair Trade and Fair Trade fashion labels. When going through the different stuff in the shop, you will get amazed by how many cool things are produced in an honest way. After all, just because a brand is being fair and responsible to the universe, it doesn’t mean  it cannot be hip and trendy. Shopping at the Nukuhiva is not only filling shopping-wise, it also makes you feel like you are doing a good thing for the world.

3. Sprmrkt

Address: Rozengracht 191-193,1016 LZ Amsterdam
Official website

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If you consider yourself a true fashion lover with no excuses for corniness or a bad outfit day, than this will be a pure paradise for you. The Sprmrkt concept store offers exclusive designer’s clothes that are extremely unique, made with the best fabrics out there and absolutely unaffordable. Unless you are rich or famous, you probably won’t be able to buy most of the items that Sprmrkt supply. However, thanks to the huge popularity of the store+ the kindness of the establishers, there is a Sprmrkt outlet shop available in the city as well. Just visit the Hartenstraat 36 (in the Jordaan area) and you will be able to find there the cheaper version of this incredibly cool store.

4. Sissy Boy Homeland

1. Spuistraat 137, Amsterdam
2. KNSM-Laan 19, Amsterdam
Official website

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This extremely cool concept store is a huge pride for the Dutch people and a fun hangout spot for Amsterdam’s local people. The store offers everything from furniture, to baby clothes, high fashion, bicycles, books, a charming café and more surprises. Everything that the Sissy Boy Homeland provides is special and singular. The stores strive to be number one when it comes to innovation, service and quality. When shopping at the Sissy Boy Homeland you can be certain you will stand out in the crowd while staying cool and composed. Take a half day off and stroll around in this huge store, just make sure to come with initial idea of what you want to buy or else you will be ending up spending all your money!

Now that you learned what concept stores are all about, it is time to save some money and pick a destination to go to! So why not choosing the most relaxed and absolutely gorgeous city of Amsterdam? After all, you will know right away where you need to shop! As Amsterdam gets packed with tourists all year long, make sure to book your hotel in Amsterdam in advance.

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