Top 5 Natural Attractions in California

United States in North America have quickly come up on the list of most visited countries in the world. However, when people come to United States they usually prefer to go on the western side somewhere around California. The State of California is certainly a place where you can enjoy your holidays with your friends and family members but it’s not just about partying hard and enjoy some best monuments and theme parks, but also about some of the best natural places that you can find here. To get a visa, please visit ESTA. Below we have listed the top 5 nature places in California that you should not miss out.

1. Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge

(photo: Marc)

If you are in California you should definitely take a route to Kern County where you can get to see Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge. This place is definitely made for those who would like to take some great shots of wildlife around them. California condors are rare and if you want to see them you will find it here. The area around is a grassland that also has pinion pine juniper combination. You will find some of the endangered species here at the refuge like San Joaquin kit foxes and blunt nosed leopard lizards.

2. Kern National Wildlife Refuge

(photo: Linda)

Another top nature place falls in the Kern County where you can enjoy wildlife like never before. This refuge falls somewhere around the southern side of Tulare Lake. It is believed that more than 100 years ago the entire area was a wetland but things have changed now. The area is 625,000 acres wide and therefore it is a perfect place for wildlife lovers. You can get some great pictures of some of the rare animals and reptiles found in this area or even in entire United States.

3. Laguna Beach Tidepools

(photo: City Data)

If you are enjoying your holidays somewhere near the coast of California you should look out for the Laguna Beach where you can enjoy nature at its best. This place can change almost daily on the basis of tidal forces and impacts and therefore you will have to be bit careful. There are tide pooling and little sea creatures that you will find here but make sure you don’t touch them because you might be penalize for that.

4. Lodi Serpentarium

(photo: Organic Gringo)

If you love snakes and knowing more about snakes then you should visit the Snake Museum or Lodi Serpentarium where you get to know more about reptiles. The museum was established in 1989 and since then it has attracted many visitors from around the globe. You will find all kinds of reptiles here like False Water Cobras, Burmese Pythons, Rainbow Boas, Anacondas, large Monitor lizards, Turtles, Tortoises, Geckos, Frogs and many other species of invertebrates.

5. Mammoth Lakes

(photo: Tripadvisor)

If you want lots of natural color landscape around you then head to Mammoth Lakes for some skiing and photography. Mammoth Lakes resides on the edge of the Long Valley Caldera. The area around the town is geologically active, with hot springs and rhyolite domes that are less than 1000 years old. Also, Mammoth Lakes is north of the Owens Valley, a scenic area with extensive hiking opportunities.

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