Why You Should Visit Montreux Canton of Vaud in Switzerland

Montreux is a municipality in the district of Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, Europe. It is located on Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps and has a population of 23,800 and nearly 90,000 in the agglomeration. Following is some of the reasons you need to visit Montruex Canton of Voud in Switzerland.

Chateau de Chillon has been listed as one of the top castles in Montreux located on Lake Geneva. The castle is located at a nearby distance from the lake. The castle is known for its structure and architecture which was built in 13th century. The castle can be visited by hiring a guide or taking a self explanatory guiding booklet. A view of the castle can also be taken by walking half an hour on the shore of Lake Geneva.

Sun Set at Chateau de Chillon | Photo: Wikipedia

Monument of Freddie Mercury, a bronze statue of Freddie Mercury was inaugurated in Montreux in the year 1996. Mercury became one of the greatest rock music performers in the world. This statue reminds the visitors of the music festivals of all kinds and imparts peace of soul to the visitors.

Gone but not forgotten | Photo: Awe-inspired

How to get to Montreux?

Take a cruise on Lake Geneva:

One of the easiest and relaxed ways of visiting Montreux is on a ferry or a cruise from Lake Geneva. These ferries run at regular intervals and cost very less for the passengers. Besides ferry, there are other small but modern boats available for transport purpose. These boats allow the passengers to enjoy the beauty of the place while sitting relaxed in the boat. The return journey from Montreux to Lausanne can be covered in a smaller but faster ferry which takes around 40 minutes.

Green Velvet | Photo: Katarina

Le Pleiades Train:
Special trains run from Vevey to various destinations of your choice. One of the trains known as Le Pleiades goes high atop the mountains overlooking the lake. This train stops at all small stations along the way and provides an easy and comfortable journey.

By Train:
Montreux is well connected to all the major stations via rail route. Train travel is cheap, safe and comfortable. The station is located close to the old town and the lake. Train traversing also allows for some of the sight scenes on route. Golden pass train is another option for travelling from Montreux to Lucerne. Steamers are also available for local tourism and travelling.

Recommended Hotels

Cheap Hotels in Interlaken:
This is one of the recommended hotels for your stay at Montreux, Switzerland. Interlaken, as the name suggests is located between two scenic lakes in the Swiss Alps-Thun and Brienz. Apart from the lakes, the surrounding mountains of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau are favorites amongst the visitors and tourists.

Hotel Splendid:
This is a beautifully built 3 star hotel with nice air-conditioned renovated rooms. The best part of the hotel is its location which is right in front of the lake.

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