The Wave, Must Visit Place for Landscape Photographers

This amazing sandstone rock formation is one of the most famous locations for the hikers and photographers in Arizona. It is called The Wave because its shape looks exactly like huge wave made of stone. It is located in Coconino County in Arizona, United States.

‘Surfing on The Wave’ – Credits: Rickpdx

It originated about 190 million years ago in the Jurassic-age. The Wave used to be a complex of sand dunes which, according to the latest theories of some scientists, have turned into hard compacted rock by calcifying.

This place hosts numerous of temporary pools after rainstorms occur. These pools are usually lasting for a few of days and then disappear.

Credits: Tom Dempsey

It is often visited by landscape photographers who are enjoying to take photos of this colorful piece of nature. If you’re one of those who are in chase for a good photo then you should seek for your best shoot at the midday when there is no much of shadows. A reputable photographer Hugo Martin from LA Times once said that no one has right to call himself landscape photographer if it haven’t snapped “a photo or two of The Wave”.

Magical colors of The Wave, Credits: Ian Parker

Beside The Wave there is also the “Second Wave” which is in the nearby of this one but little bit less attractive than this one.

There is also The Second Wave in the nearby, Credits: Ian Parker

If you are planning to visit The Wave you should be aware that the permit of the Bureau of Land Management is needed to visit it. There are only 20 permits per day available.

Credits: Ian Parker

There is no official trail which can lead you to The Wave. Those who are visiting The Wave for the first time have to know that plenty of hikers actually get lost and do not find The Wave because of the fact that there is no a formal trail. Hikers are often guided by GPS in order to find the exact location. So, if you are visiting it for the first time be sure to carry proper map and other navigation tools.

Credits: Wikimedia

Credits: Richard McGuire

Credits: Coulombic

Credits: Wikimedia

The Wave photographed at night, Credits: Coulombic

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