Village Experience in Lotofaga of Samoa

Samoa is a hub of number of tourist destinations in the region of Southern Pacific continent. Some of these present a scenic pleasure while others take you back to the Samoan and Christian Dynasty. Samoa tourist attractions include places like Solosolo, Piuala Cave Pool and Island of Manono.

Piuala Cave Pool

This pool is also known as Fatumea pool. It is situated nearby to the capital city of Upolu. The pool attracts thousands of tourists from all across the continent. The pool contains crystal clear water which flows down from the cave which is located close to the church.


This is another coastal strip worth visiting which is known for its black sandy beaches. This shore is a treat for all those who come to swim, enjoy and surf on water. It lies approximately at a distance of 6 miles from Apia.

Manono Island

Another major tourist spot always flocked with enthusiastic visitors has a lot to offer to its visitors. It hosts a crystal clear water lake known as Bali Hai. Besides that, it also has couple of beautiful shores of Nuulopa and Apolima. Some of the small creatures and beautiful birds are a major lookout at this place.

How to get there

Some of the most common and convenient modes of transportation at Lotofaga, Samoa include the public transport vehicles such as trains, ferry and boats, public transport taxis etc.

By Train – This is the cheapest and most common form of transport available in and around the area. Travelers going to Samoa and coming back prefer this mode because of its high frequency and quick service. Besides, travelling in the train saves you a lot of dollars rather than going by private cars and taxis. The railway station is situated close to the capital city of Upolu and at a walking distance. Traveling by train not only saves your money but also gives you a relaxed ride amidst the terrific scenic beauty of the place.

By Ferry – This is another means of traversing due to the abundance of lakes, sea and water bodies in and around the place. Ferries and small boats are the means of local sight touring as well. You can enjoy the aquatic life while travelling in the boats.

Recommended Hotels

Backpacker Hotel Lotofaga, Samoa – This hotel is one of the most preferred accommodation places in the area. This hotel generally attracts young travelers from all across the place. The services are affordable and of good quality. Apart from this, there are many guest houses and resorts available to ensure pleasant stay for the visitors.

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