Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland’s Most Visited Touristic Location

Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice. The mix between cold climate and numerous hot springs and geyseers made Iceland one of the world’s most exotic locations. Geothermal spas are very popular in Iceland and there are plenty of them which are welcoming tourists, however, the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is the most popular amongst them and it is considered as one of the most visited places in Iceland.


After you see some amazing photos of this location, you will easily conclude why this place attracts visitors from all ower the world. Recently, it was also declared the most photographed location in Iceland.

Frosty-blue waters in the Blue Lagoon spa, Credits:

The frosty blue waters and white fumes which are rising up from hot water make this place look like some fairy-tale scene. The temperature of the water at the Blue Lagon is about 40°C. Most of visitors consider bathing in this spa curative and healing especially for those with skin diseases because the waters of the Blue Lagoon spa are rich with minerals like silica and sulphur.

White fumes raising up from hot water, Credits:

The Blue Lagoon spa is located in southwestern Iceland, near Grindavik. The nearest airport is just 13 kilometers away, in Keflavik and it is also very close to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik which is 39 km away. There are number of hotels in nearby where visitors can stay.

Water is equally hot in winter, as in summer, Credits:

Hot water for this spa comes from neighboring geothermal power plant and it is changed every two days. Yes, this place is artificial, man-made spa but it is still amazing. Hot water is pumped up from deeps and after it is used to generate some electricity in power plant, it is lead to the spa. This might sound pretty risky place to bath but you do not have a reason to be worried. The water is perfectly clear and the hygiene rules are pretty strict here.



Credits: Fotopedia

Neighboring geothermal power plant Svartsengi, Credits: Fotopedia

Credits: Fotopedia


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