Top 5 Natural Attractions in Majorca

Majorca is set in fantastic landscape just off the coast of eastern Spain, and is one of Europe’s most visited regions for tourists. However the Balearic Island is often regarded as an Island full of cheap attractions and cheap hotels by many. Although the Island looks to accommodate its fair share of tourists, it’s not just about partying the night away and sipping on sangria. Mallorca, as residents refer to the Island, is full of beauty and offers a number of natural attractions that amaze and bewilder. If you wish to go on a Holiday to Majorca, be sure to visit one of the top five natural attractions listed below.

5 Cala Castell

Majorca offers beaches of all varieties, due to its rocky terrain many of these are often hidden or only known by locals. One of these hidden gems is the Cala Castell beach just north of Pollensa, in the North East region of the island. Used in the 13th century as an area of defence for the Spanish army, the beach is only accessible by boat or foot. However upon your discovery of this idyllic, private beach you will find one of a kind views that take your breath away.

4 Puerto de Soller

The Puerto de Soller is the perfect location to take in traditional Majorca. A laid back port offers you the chance to take in the quiet air and tranquil atmosphere, enjoy watching the busy port go by with traditional Spanish wine in one of the many rural cafes and restaurants. If that’s not enough, take a stroll along the cliffs and absorb the great views with your holiday partner.

3 Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma (Le Seu)

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Pearl of Mallorca’, this cathedral is one of the must see attractions of Majorca. Steeped in history, the gothic cathedral originally started construction in 1231 and was still in construction until 1901. Legend states that King James II ordered the construction when his troops faced heavy storms when coming to reclaim the Island, he said that if they were victorious he would construct a cathedral in the memory of the Virgin Mary. Luckily his army were victorious, and this amazing gothic architecture lays as a result.

2 Cap de Formentor

Majorca’s Formentor peninsula is of extraordinary natural beauty. Referred to as the meeting point of the wind by Majorcans, the Cap de Formentor represents the northernmost point of the peninsula. Its highest point is an incredible 384 metres above the sea, giving an incredible vantage point of the splendour of north Majorca and neighbouring Balearic island Menorca. If you follow the street below you can reach the Faro Formentor which is a picturesque lighthouse, surrounded by protected rare plants and wildlife. Beware of the rocky terrain and high winds experienced.

1 Cuevas del Drach

A natural wonder, the Caves of Drach are a series of caves located on the east coast of Mallorca in coastal town Porto Cristo. It was first christened the caves of the dragon by the first inhabitants of Majorca, however their illustration of a dragon was a one armed devil with incredible strength. Formed naturally by the Mediterranean sea, the caves must be seen to be believed. Once inside the cave visitors are able to explore by boat or foot, and can witness the incredible interior. Visitors also have the chance to view Lake Martel, one of the world’s largest underground lakes. At the crescendo of your visit and facing Lake Martel classical music is played to really top off your visit.

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