Best Ways To Get To Europe

Europe is a fantastic destination if you’re planning a holiday. With many iconic cities to explore and a collection of famed nations close to each other, you can easily incorporate several places into one getaway if you so choose. And with travelling to and within Europe very easy and often cheap, you’ll be able to enjoy a holiday like no other.

The best way to travel to Europe is often by air, with a huge range of services and airlines operating for each country. Once in Europe there are a multiple options for travel, including hiring a car, using public transport such as buses and trains, and even opting to take advantage of short-haul flights if you want to get from one place to the next quickly.

London is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and with a vast historical culture to soak up it is a prime location for any trip. With many central attractions located closely to each other you can easily walk around the city centre, discovering the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the more modern addition such as The Tate Modern and the London Eye. If you want to visit Paris, another famous city, then a great way of doing so from London is to the take the Eurostar. This high speed train takes you from the centre of London through the beautiful English countryside to the sea, where you’ll disappear through the Channel Tunnel before emerging in France. It’s a great way to travel between two prominent global cities and get the best from your trip without wasting time in airport lounges.

Amsterdam city breaks are also a fantastic option to utilise, especially if you’re looking for romance. Whilst Amsterdam is renowned for its Red Light District, its serene waterways and canals, in addition to a popular cycling culture, making this a great location for romance to blossom.

Away from the temperate countries and towards the exotic climes of the Mediterranean there are a vast range of cities to explore which will all offer different cultures. France’s coastline is dotted with lovely destinations such as Cannes and Nice which are perfect for romance and beach life. Meanwhile, Spain’s Barcelona will provide the perfect cultural and beach retreat combination, whilst Madrid more than makes up for its lack of beaches with a deep and interesting history.

Travelling around Europe is very easy, especially with a huge range of cheap airlines offering ideal flights. You can easily jet from one city to the next for comparatively cheap prices, and if you take the trouble to do price comparisons and are flexible to move around as fares rise and fall you can get some amazing deals. Rail is also ideal, with several variations of European travel cards available so that you can buy one ticket which allows you on multiple networks in many different countries. And once you’ve arrived in Europe you’ll discover so many different cities and regions that you want to explore, that you’ll want to return time and time again.

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